Luce Consulting Services, Inc.

Professional web development
and database design


Consulting Services

Our consulting practice delivers targeted, "wire-to-wire" Web application expertise. Whatever your needs—server tuning and stabilization help, development mentoring, framework/architecture guidance, business strategies for the Web, etc.—Our consulting practice will help you leverage your Web applications to improve revenue, reduce costs, and manage business risks.


On-Demand Consulting Services

We've found that many customers appreciate our consulting model of only providing the expertise you need, when you need it. Nothing more, nothing less. No long-term contracts, and no excessively complex guidance. Just results, for as long as you'd like to engage us.


On-demand services are provided remotely, by the hour. Once we've agreed upon a scope of work, and you've hired us, you control the budget and timelines by engaging us wherever your projects need help. We can:


• tune poorly performing systems

• install, administer, and/or configure servers

• troubleshoot code


Coldfusion Servers

We have been tuning and stabilizing ColdFusion/JRun systems since the 1990s with dozens of clients around the world. If you've got ColdFusion systems that are in trouble, or need enhancements, Contact us today. There simply isn't any way to get your systems tuned and stabilized more quickly and economically.


Database Services

In our experience, approximately 75% of all Web application bottlenecks can be traced to database problems. Whether your problem is missing or improperly configured indexes, or ineffecient data retrieval methods, we'll find your database bottlenecks and fix them, every time.


Architecture Review

We'll review your entire system—from clustering architectures and application server configurations, to network segmentation and code review—and we'll indentify problem areas wherever they are, and we'll suggest the best possible solution for your specific situation.


Structured Development

Whether you're looking to identify the optimal framework to use in a development project, or you need to enhance or upgrade a framework currently in place, we can help. With nearly 10 years experience using the Fusebox Framework, We can help you create well-planned, well-organized, maintainable applications. With as much as 90% of the lifetime cost of an application spent in maintenance, you can't afford not to use a framework for your application(s).