Luce Consulting Services, Inc.

Professional web development
and database design


Application Development

Our application development practice specializes in building industrial strength, state-of-the-art Web applications. These days, that means keeping up with an alphabet soup of new technologies, which we certainly do keep pace with—Adobe Coldfusion, Flex/AIR, AJAX, mashups and service oriented architectures and APIs and so on. But, we also bring tried-and-true best practices to bear on our development work—strict planning, always developing for performance, structured development in the form of frameworks and design patterns, etc. And above all else, we adhere to the less-is-more approach to development.


Our development practice aspires to the principle that anyone can make something complicated, but it takes true genius, and dedication, to make something simple and elegant, yet powerful. To this end, all the tools and methodologies we choose must advance the goal of making the software we build simple and elegant, but still powerful. Anything that complicates our software unnecessarily—whether a code framework or user interface design—isn't allowed, nor is anything that creates bloat and performance problems.


User-Facing Technologies: Adobe Flex/AIR, AJAX, and More...

We're enjoying all the new "Web 2.0" user interface technologies for one simple reason—they allow us to engineer more effective applications for our customers. Whether you need a complex data visualization application, a geo-coded mapping application, a content management system, or something else entirely, we'll choose the best user-facing technology for the job, in order to create the best possible experience for you and your users.


Behind-The-Scenes Technologies: ColdFusion, APIs, Databases, and More...

This is our strong suit—"heaving lifting" Web application engineering solutions. Whether you need a massive data importer to consolidate data from multiple sources, or an export-to-file feature that will scale to large file sizes, or perhaps an aplication that will handle the load of thousands or even millions of users, we'll create the same solution for you that we create for all our customers—well-planned, well-organized, high-performing, maintainable applications.